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Strength & Conditioning Plans

The off-season is your chance to make big changes to your performance, and this includes building muscle, losing fat, increasing strength, speed, and overall athleticism. The following programs are scientifically-designed to maximize results based on your specific goals for this off-season.

The Workout Plans also include instructions for warm-up/activation and Plyometrics.

All plans include video demonstrations for most of the exercises to assure proper form and execution.

  • 3-lifts-per-week Plan is designed for those looking to maintain or lose weight, or want to spend a little less time in the weight room to focus more on speed or skill work. You will lift on 3 separate days, and perform other workouts on the remaining days.

  • 4-lifts-per-week Plan is designed for those looking to put on muscle while also increasing strength and overall performance. You will lift on 4 separate days, and perform other workouts on the remaining days.

  • Strength Plans for Runners is designed for runners (and other endurance athletes) looking to maintain muscle/strength, enhance performance, and reduce injury risk. There are two options to choose from, based on weekly mileage and current goals:

    • In-season = 2 full-body lifts + hip mobility exercises for additional injury prevention. This is ideal for those in imminent race prep or in-season for XC

    • Off-season = 2 full-body lifts + 1 lower-body circuit per week + hip mobility. This is ideal for runners looking to drop seconds and minutes off their race times, while also going through lower-mileage weeks.

  • Speed & Agility Plan is designed to complement your lifting program to increase your speed, endurance, and agility on the field/court. Includes 3 phases per workout, with different options to choose from based on sport and goals.

  • In-season Plan is a simpler workout structure designed to maintain strength and performance throughout the season. Includes 2 lifts per week + conditioning maintenance workout + post-game recovery plan.

Click on the product images for more details on each program. When you've decided, just add to your cart and follow the steps to purchase! 😄

Still unsure which program(s) to go with? Send me an email at and I'll help you out!

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