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Runner's Strength Plan

Maintaining muscle as a runner is ESSENTIAL. The impact of high-mileage weeks causes an excess of muscle protein breakdown throughout the body. Runners need to make sure they consume adequate protein AND strength train to reduce muscle loss and decrease injury risk.

This workout plan consists of two full-body lifts per week, focusing on compound exercises that help you maintain muscle without inducing extra soreness or fatigue that gets in the way of your runs. These workouts are designed to take under an hour, so you can easily fit them in on the same day as a shorter run!


With your purchase, you'll receive:

  • Strength-focused workout routine

  • Hypertrophy-focused workout

  • Hip Mobility Exercise Plan


 Click the button below and follow the steps to receive your Runner's Strength Plan!

After submission, you will receive an email with a link to the PDF file.

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