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Supplements aren't always necessary. A proper diet shouldn't leave you needing supplements, in most cases. They are more a thing of convenience. They help make life easy. However, there are a few supplements I often recommend — and a certain brand that I trust for my athletes. 

Why LegioN?

Legion Athletics promotes safe, high-quality supplements that are sustainably produced. There products are all Labdoor certified, a third-party test ensuring their safety and quality. Read below for more info on the top 4 supplements I recommend and what they help with.


If you choose to purchase any, use the following link for 20% off your first order (and 10% in rewards following that). Enter the code FCSN at checkout for the exclusive discount!



  • Great for a post-workout when you cannot eat a meal within 1-2 hours, especially late at night 

  • Great if you can tolerate dairy, as whey is the most effective recovery protein (Plant-based option available as well)

  • Great to add to smoothies 


  • 100% grass-fed, from Irish Cows (the highest quality in the world) 

  • Lactose-Free, no added sugar, sustainably produced and no-added artificial chemicals 

  • 100 Calories, 22g Protein, 3g Carbs, 0g Fat 

  • 13 different flavors 

Fish Oil

  • Helps reduce inflammation, promoting recovery 

  • Great for heart, brain, and joint health 

  • Decreases soreness and helps promote muscle growth 


  • 2,400 mg of EPA & DHA per serving 

  • Added lemon oil and Vitamin E to prevent oxidation, improve flavor, and better absorption 

  • Sustainable caught sardines and anchovies, approved by Friends of the Sea



  • Helps improve strength and muscle mass by increasing energy supply of the muscle 

  • Speeds up recovery* (see below)

  • Especially great for high-intensity interval training and weightlifting

  • Helps fight fatigue and exhaustion 


  • *Also includes 2.1 grams of L-carnitine-L-tartrate, which help fight free radicals, fatigue and muscle weakness; and Corosolic Acid to speed up recovery 💪🏼 

  • 4 different flavors, no added sugar or chemical fillers  



  • Should only be consumed by adults, not high school or college athletes 

  • Helps give you an added boost of energy and focus for your workouts 

  • Helps give you strength and stamina for longer workouts 


  • 12 different flavors, with or without caffeine options available  

  • 8 g citrulline malate, 3.6 g beta-alanine, and 350 mg caffeine* per serving, helping your muscles perform their best

  • No chemical fillers, unnecessary vitamins, nor Proprietary Blends!

*One serving = 2 scoops. I recommend starting with just 1 scoop

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