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Sports nutrition is a complex component of an athlete’s regimen that often gets overlooked. Whether you’re an elite athlete or a weekend warrior, following poor nutrition practices can significantly impede progress. Working with a sports nutritionist is a necessity for athletes who are looking to make serious improvements and make it to the next level—whether it be college athletics, professional, or your general fitness.  



Overweight/obesity is the leading cause of health problems, including heart disease and diabetes. Excessive weight can also lead to increased stress on the knees and lower back, causing further problems. Meeting regularly with a Registered Dietitian can set you on the right path to not only reducing your weight and waistline, but improving your overall sense of being through better health and functionality.



In addition to managing weight, chronic conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, and kidney disease need to be managed with specific dietary practices. This goes beyond cutting out fried and sugary foods, but rather how to find balance within the diet. Taking advantage of personalized dietary guidance can help improve these conditions, saving you expensive medical costs down the road!


Simply put, if your employees’ health is poor, they will miss more work due to doctors appointments and sick days; if they’re healthy, they’ll be more energetic productive. Adding Corporate Wellness for your company is a great way to assure that your employees are taking care of themselves, while possibly lowering the cost of your healthcare benefits (contact your insurance provider). Additionally, with everyone involved, individuals be held more accountable to keep up with healthier practices, meaning a greater effect.

Benefits of Nutrition: FAQ


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