Diet Analysis

Are you concerned you're not eating right? Nutrition Coaching and Meal Plans can be a lot for some people, and maybe you just need a little guidance. That's what this service provides! Diet analysis is just one component of my all-inclusive Nutrition Coaching program, but for those looking to just get started, this is a great low-cost option to fix your diet! All you have to do is send me a quick food log and some basic information, and you will receive:

  • Brief analysis of intake and how it compares to your needs

  • Individualized goals & recommendations, including food swaps and portion sizes

  • SPECIFIC changes to make based on your workouts & goals to maximize progress

  • Macro/Calorie targets (upon request)


Combining 7+ years of formal nutrition education with my experience working with elite athletes at Duke, Georgia, IMG, and professionally, I will analyze your diet and provide specific feedback based on YOUR goals and needs. In short, I will tell you exactly WHAT to do and HOW to do it.

NOTE: After purchase, you will automatically linked to a short questionnaire. Please fill this out so that I can build your recommendations to your specific needs.