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Teen Nutrition Athlete Program

Are you interested in learning more about nutrition as a teenager? Nutrition during your teenage years is unique and the world is full of misinformation on how best to fuel your body. Instead of trying to google how to eat, come learn from a Registered Dietitian/Sports Dietitian and a former D1 athlete!

About the Program


This program is created between myself and Samantha Harris (@SweetswithSam). She was a D1 Athlete at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and is currently studying to be a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist! I (Derek) am a Sports Dietitian with years of experience working with teen athletes. We've combined our knowledge and experiences to bring you a program geared directly toward Teen Nutrition and Performance. 

This 4-week program, starting on 7/6/21, will take place (online) every Tuesday in July at 1pm (EST). Each week will include a joint presentation (via Zoom) on a selected topic, followed by a Q&A. The presentations will be RECORDED for those who cannot make it live.


Members will also have access to a private Instagram group where handouts and recordings of each talk will be posted. 

The weekly topics include:

  1. Nutrition Needs During Puberty & Maintaining Healthy Eating at Home

  2. Anti-Diet Culture / Harms of Diet Culture; Growth Spurts

  3. Tournaments & Eating Out and Maintaining Balance

  4. Risks of Weight Loss as a Teen; Family Nutrition (and general wrap up)

  5. BONUS — extra presentation based on total participation


If you're ready to make the most of your peak development age and be the best possible athlete this Fall, then sign up below

Still thinking? Take a look at what my clients have said!

Enrollment is now closed. For further help, please Click Here to check out my other services.

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