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Nutrition Coaching

one-on-one nutrition coaching 

Proper nutrition planning needs to be individualized to YOUR goals, needs, and schedule. I take a careful approach to build a plan that is perfect for YOU to improve performance and health without adding burden to your life. 

Using my education and expertise as a Sports Dietitian and

Strength & Conditioning Coach, we'll work together ensuring your nutritional and performance/fitness needs are met 100% of the time. This will help enhance your performance and overall well-being. It doesn't matter if you're trying to earn a college scholarship or simply want to learn about proper nutrition, you will get a custom program that works for you!



What's Included

  • Three* Nutrition Coaching sessions (minimum) (video chat, up to 60 minutes each) 

    • Each session is spaced 3 weeks apart

  • Personalized fueling plan with individualized goals and recommendations

  • Unlimited texting/email to address questions such as supplements, changes in routine, dining out, and more

  • Plate Coaching: send food pictures and receive immediate feedback on portions, options, etc.

  • Game Day & Tournament planning

  • Strength & Conditioning performance plans (if needed)

  • WELCOME PACKAGE ($100 value): Includes a Cookbook, Meal Planning Guide, Grocery Store Guide​, and Restaurant Guide (specific recommendations for over 50 popular restaurants, broken down by Calorie needs)

The first 3 Nutrition Coaching sessions (including the resources above) start at $235 each.

*After that, you can continue with personalized Nutrition Coaching and follow-ups at a reduced monthly rate* with no long-term commitment! 

       *(sessions then switch to 1 or 2 per month, based on preference)


Within the first month, my clients notice immediate changes in:

  • Strength (setting PRs in Bench, Deadlift, and Squats)

  • Speed, energy, & endurance

  • Body composition

  • Alertness on the field & in school

  • Decreased injury risk (stress fractures, muscle/tendon)

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Need more info? Click here to schedule a FREE 10-minute phone consult to discuss further!

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Need more info? CLICK HERE to schedule a free 10-minute phone consult

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