While all of my athletes see great success in the first month, nutrition needs are always changing and elite athletes need consistent guidance to assure long-term success. The Nutrition Coaching continues as a monthly plan w/ 1-2 follow-up sessions per month and unlimited coaching between sessions. However, there is NO commitment—you can cancel at any time. Here's more details on what is included:

For $89, $148, or $225/month, this monthly nutrition coaching plan includes:

  • 1 or 2 follow-ups per month OR 1 per week (in-person, video chat, or phone)

    • ($89 = 1 session, $148 = 2 sessions per month, $225 per month = Weekly sessions)​*

  • Routine check-ins w/ [optional] food log analysis

  • Unlimited texting/email communication

  • Plate Coaching

  • All other nutritional needs as they occur

*NOTE: You can change options at any time if you feel the need to increase or decrease the frequency of follow-up sessions. 

Choose which option you'd like to go with below:

(973) 944-0756

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