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Adult nutrition is unique in many ways. You're often on the run, could be working all day at a desk (or vice versa — you never get to sit all day), and often times have a family to take care of. Your metabolism probably isn't as fast as it used to be. Plus, all your friends are probably telling you about the next new diet to try. 

I am here to save you from that cycle! Let me help you make healthy, nutritious choices to help you stay energized at work, maximize your workouts, and improve your overall weight & health 💪🏼. My Nutrition Coaching Program will transform the way you eat, making healthy eating easier than you think!

Primary ADULT NUTrition

(for the first month)
$109/month after that

What's Included
  • TWO sessions in the first month (video chat, up to 60 minutes each)

  • Personalized fueling plan with individualized goals and recommendations

  • Unlimited texting/email to address questions such as supplements, changes in routine, dining out, and more

  • Plate Coaching: send food pictures and receive immediate feedback on portions, options, etc.

  • WELCOME PACKAGE ($100 value): Includes a Cookbook, Meal Planning Guide, Grocery Store Guide​, and Restaurant Guide (specific recommendations for over 50 popular restaurants, broken down by Calorie needs)

What's included

  • TWO Video calls (up to 60 minutes) discussing family diet, needs and patterns, and individualized planning

    • First session will focus on nutrition education ​& individualized planning, meals

    • Second session will focus on overall family meals and collaboration.

  • Personalized meal planning guide for you and your family, including strategies for family meals

  • All the resources mentioned above in the Primary Adult Nutrition Package

Family NutritioN 


This package is for couples/families looking to work together on their nutrition goals.

(for the first month)
$140/month after that


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