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I am a Registered Dietitian, Certified Personal Trainer, and Board Certified Specialist in Sports Dietetics with experience in clinical, weight management, and sports nutrition. I most recently worked as a Sports Dietitian at IMG Academy, University of Georgia, and Duke University, and use the unique skills I developed to help clients improve their health and athletic performance through nutrition counseling. I grew up as a competitive athlete, playing soccer and baseball, and now enjoy playing and watching all sports recreationally, working out, and cooking healthy meals.

​I focus on changing nutrition and health behavior habits to achieve your goals. My approach is to work with what you are currently doing and tweak certain aspects of your routine in order to achieve results without creating unmanageable changes.



We offer a variety of services to best fit your needs. Whether you’re a working professional looking to manage your weight and health, or a high school athlete looking to earn a college scholarship, we have just what you need! Read below for more information on our services. 

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  • This is our most popular service for both athletes and general nutrition. Each session is ~30-45 minutes and will include goal setting, individualized recommendations/meal planning, and progress analysis.

  • We start with 2 sessions during the first month: Assessment visit + 2-week follow-up. Then, continue w/ monthly follow-ups and weekly check-ins, as desired.

  • These sessions can be held in-office, in-home, or by video chat at the convenience of our clients.

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30-45 minute presentation held at your team facility or in a classroom setting, per your choice. This “team talk” will focus on 1 or 2 pertinent nutrition issues specific to your sport and team. You have the option of picking your topic or having Derek choose a common issue to discuss. The team talk will include an interactive presentation and short activity to enhance learning.

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Unlike the generic meal plans you can find from fitness experts and influencers, this plan provides an individualized meal plan designed for YOU based on your typical intake, goals, and abilities. It includes specific portion sizes based on caloric needs, as well as cooking tips to assure easy compliance.

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If you have an inconsistent schedule, this is your best option, as you get the benefit of a personal trainer without having to commit to a set time each day. Derek will build a customized four-week workout plan to meet your needs and schedule, including how many days per week you desire to work out. The plan includes detailed instructions and photos/videos for all exercises, as well as weekly check-ins.

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For those looking for serious results, combining fitness and nutrition creates a synergistic effect, meaning you reach your goals even quicker. As a Registered Dietitian and Personal Trainer, Derek will use both areas of expertise to create the perfect plan. This package includes our "Custom Meal Plan" and“Personalized Fitness Plan” services all in one!

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One-on-one (or small group) training at your home or apartment gym. We will work together to build a plan that works for you and achieves your fitness goals.

*Standard session is 60 minutes; sessions will be prorated by the quarter-hour.


Derek is a gem! My son needed to increase his caloric intake in a healthy way in order to gain weight as he prepares to play a D1 sport. He was able to work with his goals safely and efficiently. Derek’s meal ideas were great and easy to incorporate into his daily routine. We definitely recommend FC Sports Nutrition for athletes! Very impressed.

Derek is great. My family has been trying to get in better shape and Derek is always a text or email away and answers all questions and is extremely helpful. In-home visits are positive and make you feel accomplished. Thanks Derek!

Working with Derek, I immediately saw progress from the workouts and changing my eating habits. I started out as a size 6 and was down to a size 0 by my wedding. His background of nutrition combined with personal training allowed me to not only lose 20 lbs and tone my body, but did so without having to go on a diet where I would starve myself. He immediately helped me adjust my eating habits, which started me on the right path to weight loss. Derek developed a detailed workout plan for me, however, I was not the best at juggling how to fit in workouts with all my wedding appointments. Derek worked with me to develop an even more detailed plan that revolved around all the appointments and activities I had scheduled. Not only were the workouts always different, but they increased in intensity as the weeks went on. He also mixed in workouts that could be done at home along with an aerobics class I enjoyed attending.
During the entire process, I never felt I was on a diet. Derek showed me how I could still to eat foods I enjoyed and stay in shape.

Sheri L

Jen C 

Bill D



Derek has been nothing short of amazing in helping me achieve my goals both athletically and physically. The amount of confidence and strength I have gained while working with Derek has been life changing. I have been able to transform my body in just 2 months with the guidance of Derek. He has always been there for me through this process, and the guy really knows his stuff! The changes Derek helped me make are changes that will help me reach my goals of playing professionally and put me in the best position to do so.

If you want to take your body, mind, and physical athletic ability to the next level, Derek is the guy you want in your corner. From losing body fat, to adding muscle, whatever your need is, Derek can do it. I will always be team #FullCircleSportsNutrition.

Brian G (college baseball player)


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