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Personalized Nutrition Plan & Coaching

Proper nutrition planning needs to needs to be individualized to the client's goals, needs, and schedule. Derek takes a careful approach to build a plan that is perfect for YOU to improve performance and health without adding burden to your life. You'll start out with an assessment visit (in-person or video chat) and a 2-week follow-up, along with customized recommendations and an additional 2 weeks of contact with Derek to address any questions or changes to the plan. (purchase below)

After completing this initial month, it is strongly advised that you continue working with a Dietitian (Derek) to stay on top of your fueling. Nutrition needs continue to change and eating right can become tricky as you encounter uncontrollable factors. This coaching plan is a continuation of your nutrition plan to cover the standard monthly follow-ups, but also adds in unlimited coaching between sessions to accommodate changes in training and schedules. With this plan, you are never alone and never have to worry about overcoming nutrition obstacles on your own!


For $79/month, this monthly nutrition coaching plan includes:

  • One follow-up per month (in-person, video chat, or phone)

  • Bi-weekly check-ins from Derek w/ [optional] food log analysis

  • Unlimited texting/email to address questions such as supplement, changes in routine, dining out, and more

  • Plate Coaching: send food pictures to Derek and receive feedback on portions, options, etc.

  • All other nutritional needs as they occur