Custom Meal Plan

Are you looking for extra guidance on what and how much to eat? Whether your goal is to lose weight, add muscle, or increase energy, consuming the wrong foods and portions will make it impossible for you to reach your goals! Following a personalized, Dietitian-designed meal plan will assure you're eating the right foods for your goals. Combining 7+ years of formal nutrition education with my experience working with elite athletes at Duke, Georgia, IMG, and professionally, this meal plan will be PERFECT for your goals and body type. Your custom meal plan includes:

  • Detailed meals + snacks for each day

  • Precise measurements specific to macro needs

  • Macro/Calorie calculation

  • Meal prep and food safety tips (w/ input from a PhD in Food Science)

  • *Email coaching (w/ the "+ Coaching" or ELITE option)

  • ** 20-minute coaching phone call (w/ the ELITE option)





NOTE: After purchase, you will automatically linked to a short questionnaire. Please fill this out so that I can build your meal plan to your specific needs. 

This is NOT a subscription/recurring payment. Your initial purchase is a one-time payment for this meal plan. 


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NOTE: The website's store feature is currently experiencing technical difficulties. If you are interested in signing up for a meal plan, please click here to fill out the questionnaire form, and I will email you back to set up payment and details


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